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Simon Acland

Angels, Dragons and Vultures

How to tame your investors… and not lose your company

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Angels, Dragons and Vultures Cover Capital Advice for Entrepreneurs

In Angels, Dragons and Vultures Simon Acland shares the experience of his successful venture capital career. The book is a guide for entrepreneurs to all aspects of venture capital. It was shortlisted in non-fiction for The People's Book Prize 2012.

Angels, Dragons and Vultures provides advice on whether to start down the venture capital road in the first place. It discusses the pros and cons of different sources of funding. It suggests how to raise money successfully, and exposes the implications of different deal structures. Then it tells you how best to manage your new investors and maps out the route to a successful exit.

Angels, Dragons and Vultures is essential reading for any entrepreneur who is considering raising venture capital, or who already has and wants help managing their new partner.

Angels, Dragons and Vultures was published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing on 21st October 2010. It has been also been translated into Russian and published by Mann, Ivanov and Ferber http://mann-ivanov-ferber.ru/books/Luchiernoctar/invetirctapov/


Reviews of Angels, Dragons and Vultures:

"Entrepreneurs who miss this book will end up with the VCs they deserve...For Directors of angel-backed ventures seeking VC funding this book is simply required reading. Avoiding it borders on shirking your fiduciary duty! Over the last dozen years I have routinely bought all the latest fund raising books to give to my CEO's. Now this is the only one I provide due to its candour, wisdom, detailed examples, and readability." John Huston, Ohio Techangels, 5th October 2011

"For anyone looking to expand his or her business or planning to launch a new one, this book is a must read." Wilf Altman, Financial Director, 28th January 2011  For the full review,click here

"Entrepreneurs can expect to see a healthy return from buying this authoritative guide to finding capital and keeping investors sweet...The publication of Angels, Dragons and Vultures, a wry and lucid guide for entrepreneurs on how to raise angel and venture capital and how to manage their business if they do, could not have come at a better time. It is written by Simon Acland, one of the most experienced and likeable venture capital investors in the UK....Angels, Dragons and Vultures is full of sensible navigation support on life after completion of a financing, including the dynamics of board meetings, investor relations and people management (including how and when to fire your co-founder)." Magnus Goodlad, Management Today, 1st January 2011  For the full review,click here

"Anyone seeking outside investment from either an angel or a venture capitalist should read this first. There would be no danger of going into a deal with your eyes closed. Acland won't make friends among VCs with this, but he'll have plenty of entrepreneur fans before long."  Director Magazine (a publication of the Institute of Directors), November 2010  For the full review, click here

"Simon Acland's first venture into a business book is a success. His easy-reading style...makes the black art of raising venture capital finance into a three hour canter to the finishing post. The 250+ page book is a must read for all entrepreneurs aspiring to raise funding from VCs and it would not be a waste of time for those working in a VC-backed business. Another group who would benefit is those who want to win a job in the industry."  Making Life Richer, October 2010 

"So if you are an entrepreneur who needs to know how and why to balance fact and fiction in a business plan; what you can realistically expect from investors who claim to bring more than money to an investment; or how you can carry out ‘due diligence’ on your potential investors – this book can be highly recommended.  And if you belong in the bestiary, there will still be many observations, explanations, and comments in the book which you will find valuable." Young Company Finance Scotland, October 2010  For the full review, click here

What entrepreneurs say about Angels, Dragons and Vultures:

"Raising investment for your business can be a tricky task. Simon's book 'Angels, Dragons and Vultures' charts the challenges in a way that is down to earth, readable and often humorous. If you are looking to expand your business or planning to set one up, this is well worth a read."
Sir Richard Branson

“A helpful, expert and practical guide for those risking the world of venture capital funding. Full of excellent advice.”
Tim Waterstone

"Simon Acland has written an Insider's Guide to the opaque and much sought after world of venture capital.  'Angels, Dragons and Vultures' decodes the industry and offers sound advice for those who will engage with it.”
Julie Meyer, Founder of Entrepreneur Country, CEO of Ariadne Capital, and a Dragon on the BBC's Dragon's Den Online.

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