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The truth about the Holy Grail?

Simon Acland's acclaimed novels, The Waste Land and The Flowers of Evil, are exciting historical adventure stories set at the turn of the eleventh century. Legends about the Assassins, the Templars, the Holy Grail and the Gnostic Gospels are all placed in the vivid historical setting of the First Crusade.

Authors and reviewers have praised these exciting books:

  • "Legendary entertainment indeed"
  • "The story moves at a cracking pace"
  • "A winning combination"
  • "Rivals the Da Vinci Code for interest and suspense"
  • "Best Reads of 2010"
  • "Pick of the Paperbacks"
  • "Hugely enjoyable"
  • "This series may yet do for the Crusaders what the Twilight saga did for vampires"

Hugh de Verdon, the hero of The Waste Land and The Flowers of Evil, is a monk turned Crusader knight. He is a man of sensitivity and action. His adventures take him to Constantinople, Antioch and Jerusalem, and on to Aleppo, Damascus and Petra. For lovers of literature, the books reference the original Grail romance of Chrétien de Troyes, TS Eliot, Charles Baudelaire, Ovid and Albert Camus, mixing in other myths, mysteries and legends, set against a realistic historical backdrop. The blend of romance and religion, philosophy and suspense, and history and adventure, make these novels pageturners with a difference.

Follow Hugh de Verdon's blog crusaderhugh.blogspot.com for some insights to the Crusades based on his personal experience, some wisdom drawn from his long and exciting life, and some wit because he can still produce a wry smile in spite of everything he has been through.

"The story moves at a cracking pace. Like its predecessor, I thoroughly recommend it. Sex, violence, philosophical musings and great prose are a winning combination.”

"A witty grail quest thriller with a difference....The Waste Land is legendary entertainment indeed."
Historical Novels.info

"Highly original and a most enjoyable read."
Tim Waterstone

"This series may yet do for the Crusaders what the Twilight saga did for vampires and werewolves."

"It is exciting and thrilling and Simon Acland is steeped in this period of history and really knows his stuff. Hugely enjoyable, engrossing and engaging from start to finish. I loved this book and it will be going on my list of Best Reads of 2010." 
Random Jottings

"The Waste Land will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone with a taste for rollicking adventure laced with a subtle dose of literary learning.”
Douglas Hurd

"Intelligently and perceptively written, The Flowers of Evil is a welcome and worthy addition to the Waste Land, which we waxed lyrical about when it was published last year. Rest assured that it is well worth a read whether you are a fan of historical fiction or not." 

"Sex, violence and more than a dash of romance: Simon Acland's gripping First Crusade mystery thriller rivals the Da Vinci Code for interest and suspense.”
Stanley Johnson


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